Texas CSB students receive a top-ranked education at one of the nation’s premier universities. Our top-ranked faculty push students to think outside the box and learn the varied business and computer science disciplines. The curriculum is comprised of both Computer Science and Business Honors classes, taken with 30-40 students. Texas CSB offers distinct benefits for students looking toward careers in today’s tech-focused business world. The program is an outstanding opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and for students interested in data and marketing analytics, financial engineering, and leadership roles in tech companies.


Sample Course Sequence       Curriculum


TEXAS CSB Sample Course Sequence

Note: This sample schedule represents ONE possible arrangement. Schedule will need to be adjusted based on catalog. course availability, as well as academic interest and incoming credits.

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Freshman Year  Sophomore Year  Junior Year  Senior Year


Freshman Year

Freshman Year
Fall Semester
Professional Development and Career Planning (BA/CS 102H)
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (CS 311H)
Data Structures (CS 314H)
Differential & Integral Calculus (M 408C)
Signature Course (UGS 302/3)
Microeconomics (ECO 304K)
Spring Semester
Introduction to Information Technology Management (MIS 301H)
Business Communications (BA 324H)
Computer Organization & Architecture (CS 429H)
Multivariable Calculus (M 408D)
Macroeconomics (ECO 304L)

Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year
Fall Semester
Honors Lyceum (BA/CS 152H)
Financial Accounting (ACC 311H)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MAN 327H)
Principles of Computer Systems (CS 439H)
Introduction to Probability & Statistics (SDS 321 sub for STA 309)*
Spring Semester
Managerial Accounting (ACC 312H)
Statistics & Modeling (STA 371H)
Algorithms & Complexity (CS 331H)
Matrices OR Linear Algebra (M 340L/SDS 329C)
Computer Science Upper-Division Elective (1/4)
Summer Semester
US Government (GOV 312L)
US History (HIS 315L)

Junior Year

Junior Year
Fall Semester
Corporate Finance (FIN 375H)
Business Upper-Division Elective (1/2)
Computer Science Upper-Division Elective (2/4)
Science & Technology, 1a
Human Behavior (ANT/PSY/SOC)
Spring Semester
Organizational Behavior (MAN 336H)
Introduction to Marketing (MKT 337H)
Computer Science Upper-Division Elective (3/4)
Science & Technology, 1b
Longhorn Startup Lab (CS 378)
Summer Semester
Internships and assignments

Senior Year

Senior Year
Fall Semester
Internship credit (BA 353, online modules only)
Operations Management (OM 335H)
Business Upper-Division Elective (2/2)
Computer Science Upper-Division Elective (4/4)
Visual and Performing Arts
Spring Semester
General Management & Strategy (MAN 374H)
Business Law (LEB 323H)
English (E 316L/M/N/P)
US Government (GOV 310L)
US History (HIS 315K)


Freshman Year  Sophomore Year  Junior Year  Senior Year